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Christie Bybee, current Eanes ISD Board Member (Place 1)
Clint Bybee
Ed Coultas, former Eanes ISD Board Member
Wanda Coultas
Colleen Jones, former Eanes ISD Board President
Steve Jones
Kathryn Ross, wife of former Eanes ISD Board Member Beau Ross
Vicky Abney, former EISD teacher (and parent)
Jenny Aghamalian, Envision Eanes Co-chair, EEF Board
David Barrutia, Envision Eanes
Andrea Bradford, Envision Eanes
Drew Bradford, WHS alum (and current EISD parent)
Myra Bull, Chap Club (past President)
Shelly Buono, EEF Gala Committee (2020)
Paola Camacho-Bansal, EISD Spanish Immersion Task Force
Michelle Cohen, EISD Spanish Immersion Task Force
Mark Coultas, WHS alum
Bo Crockett, WHS alum (and current EISD parent)
Brooke Crockett, WHS alum (and current EISD parent)
Drew Gressett, WHS alum 
Britt Harris
Rex Hoover, Chap Club
Charlotte Johnson, WHS alum (and current EISD parent)
Robbi Millest, former Envision Eanes
Lauren Savage, WHS alum (and current EISD parent)
Diana Shaman, EISD Spanish Immersion Committee
Buck Shapiro, Rollingwood City Council (and EISD parent)
Brad Shields, WHS alum (and current EISD parent)
Cord Shiflet, WHS alum (and current EISD parent)
Brooke Totah, WHS alum (and current EISD parent)
Ashley Troy, best wife ever (and current EISD parent)
Mark Voss
Ashley Zachry, EEF Gala Committee (2020)
Paul Abney
Brandon Aghamalian
Cathy Allen
Gene Allen
Moe Arora
Ramona Arora
Pia Arthur
Raymond Arthur
Chris Bancroft
Meghan Bancroft
Ravi Bansal
Anyra Barrutia
Ashley Birkeland
Brett Birkeland
Dana Bocock
Ryan Bocock
Elizabeth Brewer
Omaira Brightman
Brandon Brown
Mira Browne
Nichole Brumley
Mike Buono
Eric Capalupo
Joanie Capalupo
Martha Carracosa
Stephanie Coultas
Dan Crownover
Megan Crownover
Chelsea Cutrer
James Cutrer
Andrea Davidson
Justin Davidson
Jenny Douglas
Brent Dusing
Thuli Dusing
Ben Ehrich
David Ewing
Laura Ewing
Karen Farabee
Steve Farabee
Sarah Fink
Noah Fink
Diana Graham
Michael Graham
Nancy Gray
Diandra Gressel
Shelby Gressett
Debbie Hardy
Rick Hardy
Ross Johnson
Ashley Jones
Kevin Jones
Dustin Keller
Erin Keller
Jessica Kimutis
Tom Kimutis
Araceli Kudrle
Paul Kudrle
Jane Laczek
Brian Lamb
James Lafferty
Laura Lafferty
Julie Liu
Andrew Mayo
Nique Mayo
Milena Milano
Peter Milano
Brian Morgan
Shannon Morgan
Cindy Gomez-Nutt
Tim Nutt
Kristine Palmer
Nathan Palmer
Josh Pierce
Stevie Pierce
Shaun Phillips
Scott Ramsower
Laura Ramsower
Kent Redding
Louise Redding
Tracie Reichel
Marco Rocha
Nancy Rocha
Lana Rowder
Liza Sanchez
Elliott Savage
Illiana Schwarze
Stephan Schwarze
Brooke Shannon
Michael Shannon
Nick Snodgrass
Jenny Sullivan
Jenny Sutter
Mike Sutter
Brian Talley
Erika Talley
Peter Taylor
Pilar Taylor
Emily Tcheung
Josh Thornton
Sheryl Thornton
Brooke Tognazzini
Ryan Tognazzini
Danny Totah
George Ward
Maritza Ward
Amber Weigl
Dan Weigl
Linsey West
Vernon West
Darryl Zavodny
Julie Zavodny
CHRISTIE BYBEE - Current Eanes ISD Board Member (Place 1)
"After careful consideration of the two candidates running for my seat, I am thrilled to endorse John Troy for Place 1.  John is engaging, smart, authentic, a team player, an entrepreneur and a native Texan.  He will bring a wealth of experience to the board (both professionally and personally) as well as his unwavering commitment and passion for public education.
     As I considered who to endorse, it became clear to me that a voice was missing on the board, the voice of our elementary parents. No current board members have elementary age children. While the role of the board member is to advocate for ALL children, I absolutely believe we need the voice of our elementary community at the dais. One could argue that all current trustees have been through the elementary experience and can make informed decisions on their behalf. While that statement is true, school is very, VERY different than when your current trustees were at their various elementary schools and now more than ever, we need a current elementary parent to be at the table.
     It is time for a new voice on the board with new perspectives and new ideas that will work to continue to set Eanes apart from other districts across the country, to be the leader it has been in public education throughout the years. That new voice is John Troy. He will serve our district with integrity, thoughtfulness, and transparency."
CORD SHIFLET - WHS alum and EISD parent
"I hope other Westlake families will join me in supporting John Troy for Eanes ISD school board. There are several things I like about the guy ... but the one compelling reason I think he deserves our votes is he would be the ONLY board member with children in elementary school.  I think it's important all levels of the schools have a voice at the table and we can't overlook our elementary schools. 
I also appreciate his vast knowledge of Charter schools and vouchers, that he understands and supports that our district does not need those things.
John has served on school boards since he was 30 years old ... before he was married or had children. He's passionate about schools and would be a welcome voice to our community."  
JENNY AGHAMALIAN - EEF, Envision Eanes Co-Chair
"John and I have served on two committees to date and I am increasingly impressed with his skill set and point of view.  Our youngest students are navigating remote and in person school environments that are different than anything experienced previously. The burdens on teachers and parents are unique this year and every viewpoint is helpful to the conversation and decision making process. The board and community would be well-served to elect John!"
VICKY ABNEY - former EISD teacher
and parent of WHS grads
"Paul and I have known John's family through our church since they moved here 7 years ago. I am confident he will support our students, teachers, and parents. He will be a great representative of our community's values and a great advocate for the future of Westlake. Finally, as a taxpayer, I know John will manage Eanes' finances responsibly and treat every tax dollar as his own." 
DAVID BARRUTIA - Envision Eanes
"John Troy is a world-class education expert, and he has already proven to be a level-headed and transformative figure in our district-level elementary school community leadership."
Task Force
"I worked with John Troy in the SI Committee Task Force, visiting schools and listening to many teachers and parents in order to discover the best practices for our program. I know how much he cares for this program, how much he cares for our schools, and how much he values diversity. Please vote for John!"
SCOTT RAMSOWER - Senna Hills HOA President
and EISD Parent
"John Troy has been my best friend for 22 years. Does that make me biased? Maybe. But, does that qualify me to know that John would be great for our school board? Absolutely! We worked in finance together in NYC when he was an investment banker. He now runs his own business. He's highly qualified for us to trust him with our district's finances. He has also worked and volunteered in public education for over a decade. He started a student organization focused on Servant Leadership in college and it still exists today. He's passionate about education and Eanes. He's also an all around great guy!" 


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