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Putting My Experience to Work

I believe deeply that every child -- EVERY CHILD -- deserves access to an excellent education that prepares them for a successful life of their own choosing.  As the son of a kindergarten teacher, this was a family value in my home growing up. And it is out of this belief that I have dedicated my career to serving schools and other education organizations by helping them hire the right talented individuals for their teams.  After nearly a decade in education talent development, I founded WorkMonger in 2015 and TrulyHired in 2018 to help schools and a variety of education organizations hire the talented, mission-driven individuals they need to provide the highest-quality education that our children deserve.

I love the Eanes community.  Like most, we moved to Eanes largely for the schools.  Our schools, however, are a treasured resource that we can not take for granted.  We must continue to innovate, while remembering not to pursue excellence at all costs.  As a parent of two students in Spanish Immersion, I believe Spanish Immersion is an example of the type of innovation that our district must lean into.  Innovation is hard, and there will always be bumps along the road.  We are stronger as a district when we lean into that change, involve parents throughout the process, and continuously improve.

If elected, I will also bring the following perspectives with me to my decision making:

  1. ELEMENTARY PARENT: There are currently no Elementary parents on the Board and no other Elementary parents running. Yet our Elementary schools represent 6 of our 9 school campuses. We are lucky to have strong voices of middle and high school parents, as well as parents of Westlake alumni on the Board. I believe we also need an Elementary school parent's voice. I'll be an Eanes parent for the next 18 years, so you can be sure I am committed to the long-term strength and excellence of our district. 

  2. COMMITMENT TO FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY: Innovation and strong financial stewardship are not mutually exclusive. The Eanes ISD School Board is entrusted with managing hard-earned tax dollars. As a former investment banker and an entrepreneur who has bootstrapped the growth of my business, I understand the value of a dollar. I’m committed to ensuring strong fiscal management for the long-term health of Eanes.

  3. EIGHT YEARS’ NON-PROFIT SCHOOL BOARD EXPERIENCE: Having 8 years of non-profit school board experience, if elected I would join the Eanes board ready to hit the ground running. I’ve wrestled with many of the same issues facing the Eanes board, such as teacher recruitment, retention, and compensation; budget management; and more. I’m eager to bring that experience to the Eanes board in service of this community and school district that we love.

Thank you for considering my candidacy for the Eanes ISD School Board, Place 1.  I hope to earn your support and vote on Nov 3.